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Dash the Wonderdog

Meet Dash

Certified Therapy Dog

Dash, "The Wonder Dog" was Born in October of 2013, and rescued by Dr. Milam the day after Christmas of that year.   Dash immediately began training as a Certified Therapy dog to bring smiles and a positive energy to the Chiropractic patients at Milam Chiropractic.  Dash loves playing tug and going for walks while the patients in the office do their postural training.  This dedicated team member has earned "Employee of The Year" status during each year of his employment! 

Want to see more of Dash? Follow him on his YouTube Channel. Click here!


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  • "I can't stress enough how much Dr. Sean has changed my life. I started coming to him in February of 2014, and at the time I had terrible problems with my digestion, as well as horrible neck pain. Dr. Sean completely fixed my digestion problems to the point where I no longer have to take medication for it anymore. As for my neck, I come once a week for an adjustment and it feels perfect. He is such a kind, genuine person and I would recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about his patients."
    Bethany S