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Experiencing Back Pain? Visit Our Irvine Chiropractor

Experiencing Back Pain? Visit Our Irvine Chiropractor

Too many people take an aspirin to get temporary relief from back pain, only to find they're soon popping pills every day and they still feel pain. If you have back pain, our Irvine chiropractor can relieve your pain and restore wellness. 

man sitting at desk with back pain before seeing an irvine chiropractor

Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain in Irvine

Patients come to our chiropractor complaining of sciatica pain, upper back pain, and low back pain. Symptoms include muscle tension, muscle stiffness, a pins and needles feeling, muscle weakness, and pain. 

Lower back pain from repetitive strain or improper lifting can cause a dull ache or a sharp pain in the back. Upper back discomfort between the shoulder blades is often caused by poor posture and sitting at the computer for too long. Teenagers carrying heavy backpacks can get pain between the shoulder blades too. While you may not be able to spend less time carrying a backpack or sitting at the computer, a combination of ergonomic changes and chiropractic care can relieve upper back pain between your shoulder blades. 

With any type of back pain, you may feel like self-massage, heat, ice, or rest does not relieve the pain. When you are tired of living in pain, come in and see our chiropractor serving Irvine and Santa Ana. We will relieve the pain and keep it from coming back using a combination of chiropractic care, lifestyle adjustments, education, and exercise. 

See Our Irvine, Tustin & Santa Ana Chiropractor for Back Pain

Back pain treatments at our Irvine, Tustin & Santa Ana chiropractor are always personalized to treat your specific injuries. We believe that chiropractic care works best in combination with therapies that release trigger points and heal muscle tissue at a cellular level. By combining cold laser therapy, myofascial release, and chiropractic care, we can get you back to full health and prevent future injuries. 

Do you feel ready to find relief from chronic back pain? Why not come in and talk with our chiropractor in Tustin for free? Every new patient can receive a free consultation, so please contact us today to reserve yours appointment!


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