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Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

Care of a Pet

By Savannah Milam

Taking care of a pet can be a lot of work. In fact many people take their pet to a shelter after they get it because they don't realize how much attention a pet needs. All dogs need exercise daily.  Where as cats don't need much exercise. A terrier, like Dash "The Wonder Dog" needs about 30 minuets each day if possible. Usually pugs get over weight because they don't get enough exercise.  Don't go outside in extremely hot or cold weather. Instead throw a ball down the stairs or teach a dog tricks.  My dog Dash gets a lot of attention because he goes to work with my dad (Dr. Sean The award winning Chiropractor). People walk him all the time.  If you have a dog and it is possible to take it to work with you, try it out.  Food for your pet can cost about 20.00 a month and 240.00 per year.  A great way to train your dog is with treats.  To teach it to go to the bathroom outside take it out the when it goes give it lots of praise and a treat.  This method worked for my dog,but all dogs are different. Treats cost about 10.00 a month 120.00 a year,but remember you don't need to give your pet a treat every single day.  After your dog learns to do what you wanted it to start to not give it treats that often. Then your dog will do what you say because it expects a treat.

 When you first get a puppy it will need it's shots those shots cost about 20 to 150.00 in the first year. Your dog will still need shots even when it is no longer a puppy those shots cost about 10 to 100.00. You will also need to continue to take you pet to the vet to get a checkup those visits will cost anywhere from 45-55.00 there are additional costs though like allergy tests those will cost about 200-300.00 depending on the test.  Toys for your pet cost anywhere from 25-75.00 depending on the size of dog,or different types of pets.  Dog Licenses cost 15.00.  Including vet care, food, toys, and a license a small dog will cost about $420-$3,000. A medium dog will be $620-$3,000.  A larger dog will be $780-3,000.  This doesn't include carrier, leash, collar etc. Some animal shelters could cost $50-$100. If you are adopting from an animal shelter you are saving an animal's life.  But Remember, having a pet is also super fun and a big responsibility.  So if you are planning to adopt a pet make sure you have loving environment for it and the time.



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