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Woodlawn The Movie

I had the privilege to be invited as the on set Chiropractor for the movie Woodlawn that premiers October 16, 2015.  This is a must see movie and the message comes at just the right time.  Without giving too much away, this true story is about how a football team, their coach and the help of a good friend bring together a divided community.  Please bring your friends and support this important message.

My time as the on set chiropractor was amazing!  In fact, this was the best time that I have had in over 15 years in practice.  The actors and crew were some of the best in the business, yet were so down to Earth.  Actors like Sean Astin, Kevin Sizemore, Brandon Eaton and Kevin Downes were represented while I was on set.  These actors take their art serious, have fun doing it and also took time out to take their health serious too.  During the days on set, I was blessed to be able to help them perform at their peak.

Some of you may have been wondering why I was closed Monday evening? Monday was the Red Carpet Premier and after party in Los Angeles for the movie.  What an amazing time with some amazing people!  I’ve included some pics of my experience.  Also, if you go to Services on my website, you’ll see some more pictures from my time on set.


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