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The need for Traction

Loading and unloading maneuvers like those produced by Repetitive Cervical Traction™ and the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™ prepare the spine to be rehabilitated. These loading and unloading procedures have proven to produce the following results:

 Changes the gel in the disc nuclei to a hydrosol (pliable fluid like state), begins rehydration and increases disc height. Increase disc, ligaments, and tendon, strength.

 Decreases potential for injury from sudden applied loads and/or accumulative traumas.

 Prevention of adhesions during healing of injured tissues and improves integrity of injured joints.

 Lubrication and nourishment of spinal joints.

 Temporarily lowers the holding energy of spinal muscles, discs and ligaments.

 Increases cerebrospinal fluid pressure and flow resulting in increased brain activity and mental sharpness and feeling of physical and mental well-being.

 Aligns the disc and ligaments tropocollagen fibers with stress loads.


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