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Unique Experience at Milam Chiropractic

The Uniqueness of Milam Chiropractic

I know you and your family are familiar with Chiropractic, however what makes our approach so unique is that we have a state-of-the-art systematic approach to helping people correct their posture and strengthen their spines.  What takes typical Chiropractors a year to 2 years to correct, we do it in 90 days.  

A typical office visit begins at the first Rehab station.  In this station, the patient performs "Dynamic Cervical Traction."  This therapy provides relief of stress, tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.  This advanced traction device also helps to restore motion and reverse the degenerative aging process that can occur in the neck.  This therapy also helps in restoring proper alignment of the cervical curve.  This therapy takes approximately 5 minutes to perform.  Once you are done with traction, you move to the next Station, called the "Wobble Chair Station."

These patented Wobble Chairs are designed to add strength and flexibility to the low back.  It is a core exercise that has been scientifically proven to heal discs and reduce disc bulges. This advanced exercise takes approximately 12 minutes.

After you Wobble, you will then move to the Adjusting/Treatment area.  This is where I work my magic!  We start with a special muscle stimulator that we call, "The Drill."  This takes approximately 1 minute, but for the muscles it is equivalent to a 20 minute message.  After "The Drill," I then assess your spine for the day and proceed to adjust it.  The adjustment is probably similar to what you have experienced in the past, except that I take into consideration your posture and position you accordingly to allow for the adjustment to be easier and more effective.

The Home Program varies depending upon what the patients needs are.  It often includes a home version of the wobble chair and traction unit.

We don't offer "unlimited care" because our patients don't need that.  However, if there is an unexpected flare-up, we will see a patient an extra time.


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