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More Energy During the Holidays

How can we obtain more energy? The most magnificent feeling one can have. Think back to this morning when you woke up. As soon as your eyes opened, you were alert with magnificent powerful energy. You were precise and awake. You had keenness about you. You had a certain strength and clarity. That is the optimal energy flowing through you — or at least optimal at that point in your life. Now if this can occur once, it can occur everyday. The key word is can. The energy source never changed, but the expression of that energy source changed. 

“The sun is always shining, only clouds get in the way.”

Well, this brilliancy about your body, this energy, this aura, this life force, is always shining. There are many things interfering with this energy source that create different levels of feeling, emotion, alertness and strength. The key to tapping into this energy source is to remove all major interference. Yes, there is outside interference that can get in the way of this energy source. Before an outside in energy source can interfere, however, an internal energy evaluation must occur. This internal energy evaluation or source comes from the brain. The magnificent power within the brain reaches out to all cells, tissues and organs in the body with life force that is undetectable at times, unnoticeable, something not quantitatively evaluated. But the energy source is still there.

The one major identifiable interference source for chiropractic is vertebral subluxation. The vertebral subluxation is that condition that interferes with the life force and energy that travels from brain to body, tissue, cell and organ. If there is interference in that energy source, that magnificent power, feeling and euphoria when we wake up in the morning cannot be achieved because the body was unable to rest at the level that it should. This interference creates a dampening of the energy source in the human body. Chiropractic correction of the vertebral subluxation will change a life by re-establishing a harmony and balance of this energy from brain to tissue, cell and organ. If this point can be expressed properly to the individual man, woman and child, that feeling of alertness, euphoria and precision as we wake in the morning will be a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year occurrence.


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