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Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator-PTLMS

What is a PTLMS?

The Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator (PTLMS™), aka "The Drill" was developed to enhance the chiropractic adjustment through pain control, enhanced metabolic function, regeneration of injured para-vertebral soft tissues and muscle recovery.  One minute of treatment is equivalent to a 20 minute deep tissue massage to the muscles.

Use of the PTLMS™ protocols aids in the elimination of pain, muscle spasms and adhesions of the fascia and muscles. With pain and spasms relieved, our patients respond to care more rapidly as well as increase capability of performing in office and home exercises as prescribed by Dr. Milam. Objective post examination and post exam findings validate the PTLMS™ protocols. Clinics involved in the studies (including Milam Chiropractic) reported a measurable division between those patients who received the PTLMS™ protocols and preparatory exercises before an adjustment to those who did not. The studies also affirmed enthusiastic and positive patient response to pain and postural correction.


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  • "I can't stress enough how much Dr. Sean has changed my life. I started coming to him in February of 2014, and at the time I had terrible problems with my digestion, as well as horrible neck pain. Dr. Sean completely fixed my digestion problems to the point where I no longer have to take medication for it anymore. As for my neck, I come once a week for an adjustment and it feels perfect. He is such a kind, genuine person and I would recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about his patients."
    Bethany S